Join to the world of beauty right now! Oriflame!

Today the Oriflame company established in 1967 is an international cosmetic concern having representative offices in over 60 countries. The natural Sweden make-up admirers  are about 3.3 consultants throughout the world.

The Oriflame beauty consultants implement the happy mission to bring beauty to people. In oriflamme, everyone will be surrounded by friends who share general valuables and used to live in the atmosphere of holiday with the Oriflame mood.

Every consultant will be  recognized for its successes. It will grow both personally and professionally, visit the Oriflame meetings, trainings and seminars. Every year the oriflamme company arranges grandiose events, conferences, banquets to be hold in exotic countries, and everyone can take part in such events. Having organized the team of like-minded persons, everyone helps other to grow.

On December 4, 2010, the Oriflame company arranged the meeting of leaders and consultants in the palace name after Heydar Aliyev. Impressive moments from the life in the Oriflame country were dealt in the event. Each leader told about its achievements. 2000 persons witnessed the Oriflame-related colorful life of consultants-leaders in Azerbaijan. The C141 company arranged an interactive program for the event guests, a professional painter represented the guests’ internal  mood in the canvas of paper, a specific place was assigned for photographic work. The eventful concert program with participation of the variety stars made the audience happy. Young performers such as Sabina Babayeva, Khayam Nisan, “Jhan Bala” children collective, national and modern dancing ensemble managed by Naila Mamedzade, as well as guests from sunny Georgia, Zeona and Georgy, and Faig Agayev really inflamed the public at the end took part in this concert.

The Oriflame Company’s interesting facts
•    €1.3 mlrd annual sales volume
•    3,3 mln consultants and 7500 employees throughout the world
•    The product range of up to 950 items
•    Oriflame is International children fund cofounder  
•    Oriflame research center’s team includes about 100 scientists  and experts
•    The company holds 5 private plants located in Sweden, Poland, Chinese, Russia and India
•    The company’s shares are listed in Nasdaq OMX Exchange stock exchange since March, 2004
•    The products consist of natural ingredients only and are not tested in animals
Oriflame   is presented in 62 countries, and 13 of them are engaged in franchising