Pepsi – Feel the taste of Novruz!

On February 24, 2010, the Pepsi regional promotional action took start throughout Azerbaijan, under the slogan “Fell the taste of Novruz!!!”. The C141 Company’s promotional personnel actively inform the population about the action. The action is hold by collecting and prompt lottery.

To this effect you should find elements of the holiday Khoncha and the image or prizes under holiday golden caps of the “Mountain Dewi”, “AquaFina Sparlinq Limon-Lime”, “AquaFina Sparlinq Mandarin”, “Pepsi-Cola”, “Pepsi-Light”, “Pepsi-Twist” , “Mirinda Orange”, “Mirinda Apple”, “Mirinda Lemon” “7UP” products. As it is known, khoncha consists of 7 elements – shekerbura, pakhlava, gogal, candle, sweet, wheat germs and, of course, Pepsi.

To win the main prize – Barselona voucher, all the Novruz symbols should be collected. Under caps you can also find other symbols such as roller skates, bicycle, TV set, I-Phone, T-shirt, 0.5 l Pepsi. The campaign organizers have taken into consideration the wills of consumers of different age. Everyone can get a present according to one’s taste. Prizes are given in sales outlets located in different towns of Azerbaijan.

“Bizim market”- Khatai district, Kh.Mammadov  1C
“Bizim market”- Khatai district,  R.Sarayevo , 8C
“Bizim market”- Sharif-zade 154 A
“Bizim market”- Y.Yasamal district,  Talibli str.
“Bizim market”- Sabail district, R.Isgandarov F4A
“Bizim market”- Khatai district,  Babak ave.,  23/15
“Life market”- 5 floors
“Neptun 2”- Nasimi district, Tbilisi ave., 1058 block
“Neptun 3”- Khatai district,  Khudu Mammadov .2944
“Neptun 5”- Nasimi district, A.Maharramov 20C
“Neptun 6”- Khatai district,  M.Hadi 7
“Neptun”- S.Badalbayli k.-102
“Greenfield”-Narimanov district, Aga Nemetulla k.
“Ruslan93”-A Valiyev k.-7a/G.Garayev
“Limuzər”-Bakikhanov setl., block 4094, 6, apt. 8
“İstambul” -Naxchivanski str. 14
“Rahat”-Nasimi district, Jeyhun Salimov-7

“Vuqar market”-3 m/d
“Karvan”- Narimanov str., market
“Pioner”-Narimanov str., 45 block

“Sultan market”- Sadıllı setl., 2nd Kolkhoz market road
“Təbriz market”- Tabriz str., 16

“Lider market”- M.Rasulzade 168A
“Universam”- central self-service store

“Avtovağzal”- Bus terminal

“Supermarket”-20th January str., near the market

“Delfin”- Fizuli str., 5 Big Market road

“Kral”- Baku, Astara road,  129 km

“Supermarket”- H Aliyev avenue

“Cavid market”- Mashadi Azizbayov 20

Lottery will be hold on February 24 to April 10, 2011. The hot line operators will answer any question related to the action. The connect number is (012) 418-82-32.

Novruz traditions

Novruz is the most striking, joyful holiday among all our national holidays.

•    Befor Novruz, homes and yards are cleaned.
•    Before Novruz, the vows of friendship, faithfulness and love are made.
•    In the days of Novruz, fire, matches, kerosene, petrol may not be given from a home.
•    Nobody can be sad in the time of Novruz.
•    In all days of Novruz, it is acceptable to visit each other.
•    At the Eve of Novruz everyone quarreled should make peace each other.  
•    In the time of Novruz nobody may gossip, blame anyone, deceive.
•    In the time of Novruz everyone shares sweets with neighbors, relatives, friends, sick and weak, single and indigent.

In the days of Novruz, we have saved the fire cult from our fire worshipers-forefathers. So, in the days of Novruz, lamps, candles, campfires are lighted. Candles are lighted for every habitant of the home, candles are lighted for those left us forever, in the honor of shehids and one more candle is for someone who can unexpectedly come for the holiday supper. Let these candles light our ways.   
Let everyone’s cherished wishes will be true, and let the New Year will bring rest, warm, harmony and love to homes of all peoples.