"Tamiz Shahar" - "Clean City "

JSC  “Tamiz Shahar " organizes and manages the system of disposal and treatment of the domestic solid waste in accordance with up-to-date international standards.

"C141" Company holds social campaigns for "Tamiz Shahar" organization.

Over half a year of intensive work the «C141» company held a few campaigns in Gala and Icheri Sheher settlements due to improvement the city ecological situation and for Baku citizens’ health.

Statistical data have been identified during the activity.

Qala and Icheri Sheher residents were positive gained, took an active part in the campaign.

Many of them have already started sorting the garbage and would like this system to touch all places of our city.

This garbage sorting technology for many years already widespread across whole Europe and has been a success.

As yet in Balakhani settlement there is held the construction of a large-scale plant for solid domestic waste incineration, which will be put in commission at 2012 year end.